A Rag Tag Group of Crazy

Chapter 1: It should be simple, right?

(Feb. 8, 2012)

(Billy – Frug)

The sun shines ever brightly over the city of Buttermist, a dense and busy market location in the kingdom of Corfort. People of the city have been in a busy and chipper mood in the last week as news has been spreading of a visit from the king for the upcoming ale and mead festival. One particular tavern, the “Dusty Jackalope,” has been treating guests to free samples of ale in the last week, but today the patrons are in a rage as the bartender has discovered that someone, or something, has stolen the latest shipment of fine drink.

“Will anyone help me find the last shipment? We will be severely behind schedule, and this ale is to be presented to the king! I beg you! I will reward anyone who step up to the task!”

(OOC: You guys can start role-playing, interacting, etc. If you want to apply skill checks or other actions, add a block of text at the bottom of the message with (OOC: Text) to your email that describes what skill you want to use, how you are using it, and it’s result. I will resolve (or dismiss) these skill check rolls in my messages.

We’ll just start with the three of us. I’ll make a cleric to help with things until we get another player or two.)

(DJ- Thorduck)

Discretion had never been Thorduck’s strength, but then again neither had logic. (Thorduck’s two mottos in life were “Sneaking only gets you so far, the axe takes you the rest of the way” and “If it can be reasoned with, I am probably better off just killing it”) So it was not surprising to Thorduck to watch the pairs of eyes trying to catch glimpses of the miniature giant as he strolled into the marketplace, a greataxe the size of a small child on his shoulder. For the strangers of Buttermist (awesome name), he was an intimidating sight. Fortunately, the goliath’s personality was a far cry from his physically imposing nature. Always watching to make sure he didn’t step on any children, and always quick to smile when he caught a stranger’s glance, Thorduck might have been the nicest Goliath in Corfort.
Every year Thorduck attended the ale and mead festival in Buttermist, but this year held a significant meaning to Thorduck. His parents had finally given Thorduck permission to drink! Yes, that is right, Thorduck had barely begun adulthood, and as was custom, on their twentieth birthday, Goliath children were allowed to not just attend the festival, but enjoy the comforts of a stout. The problem for Thorduck was deciding which tavern to attend.
Searching for the perfect name his eyes were brought to “The Dusty Jackalope” But Thorduck hated dust, so he ignored it.

Just Kiddng

Curious and wanting to learn more, Thorduck approached a nearby vendor, dropped his battle axe to his side and asked, “Uh, the Dusty Jackalope, does that sell good ale?” The vendor looked at him, trying to not show the quiver in his voice he replied, “It has a good ale, giving em out free as of yesterday. Been having some issues with it today though,” I’d go somewhere else if you want to drink.
The only thing that drove Thorduck more than drinking at this particular moment was the thought of helping others. So without hesitation, Thorduck swung the axe back on his shoulder, nearly took out the entire stall and decapitated the nice man, and walked towards the Dusty Jackalope.

The door seemed to have a strange magic upon it. Try as he might Thorduck could not open it. In fact, he couldn’t even find the handle. He ran his hands all down the side of the door, trying to feel for a lever or handle he missed. “This don’t make no sense, how do people get in?” Frustrated, he started to worry. “What if someone removed the handle on purpose?” “What if they are trapped inside?” “What if there is a fire?!” Thorduck raised his axe and swung at the door screaming, “Hold on little humans I will save you!!”

(OOC: Sorry it is a little long, I figured because it was the first one I had to do a little character insight. The next ones won’t be so long. I am doing a strength check to break down the door if that is ok.
Roll- 2
Total: 6 (Seriously?)

(Billy – Frug)

A small man rushes to Thorduck and jumps on the giant’s arm, holding back the axe.
“Sir! Don’t! That’s not the tavern! That’s a bordello. They open in the evening. If you’re looking for the Dusty Jackalope, it’s one block down the street.”

(OOC: I can see where this game is going. XD)

(DJ – Thorduck)

“Oh, well, thank you…” Thorduck looked down the street and saw that indeed, the Dusty Jackalope was down there. By this point, everyone around him was staring in a mixture of shock and humor. There in front of them, a 7 foot tall Goliath was literally breaking down the door to get into a Bordello. With his heart pounding in his face Thorduck quickly ran and ducked into the Dusky Jackalope.
Already he could hear the shouting from the people and the barkeeper as no one even noticed him dart inside the inn.

“Will anyone help me find the last shipment? We will be severely behind schedule, and this ale is to be presented to the king! I beg you! I will reward anyone who step up to the task!”

Thorduck placed his axe on the axe rack and made his way to the bar, where the ravenous alcoholics looked to be ready to tear the place apart. The barkeeper noticed him immediately, maybe because of his huge stature, or maybe because he genuinely looked like he could be of some assistance.

“I’d like to help”

(OOC: Lol a bordello? Damn…now I am a sexual predator)

(Jason – Lazuris)

The once mighty Bael Turath empire had centuries ago through dark dealings, ruled this land. Now, one of their few descendants today is left lurking in the shadows, like a common thief. Lazuris moved through the sprawling alleys of Buttermist, attempting to remain unseen. He wore a long cloak in an effort to conceal himself, the hood of which could hardly conceal his horns and his tail whipped to and fro under the cape. He carried with him a long quarterstaff which was intricately carved, passed down through the generations. Lazuris was new to Buttermist after an incident in his last city and intended to make a name for himself here and setup a new operation. Already merchants and bums in the alleys would avoid eye contact or run away in fear.

This time of the month was busier than most, as other species of the land celebrated their wine and ale. This did not concern Lazuris, but saw it as an opportunity for more coin to steal. He heard a commotion on the other side of the market where he spotted a small man shouting at a tiny giant. This had created quite a scene and Lazuris saw it as the perfect opportunity to loot any unwitting vendors who may otherwise be distracted by the giant and the man.

(Billy – Frug)

The bartender looks at the goliath and speaks, “Oh. Oh, you’ll help me? Fantastic! Will you take anyone else with you?”

The little man that stopped Thorduck earlier, a gnome to be exact, pipes up, “I’ll…um…tag along. The name is Frug. My therapist says I need to step out of my c-c-comfort zone, so…yeah.”

(Jason – Lazuris)

Lazuris watched from behind the crowd as the embarrassing scene unfolded as the giant nearly tore his way into the brothel. Lazuris was intrigued, never having scene the giant in the city before, he decided to follow him from a distance to the Dusky Jackalope, where he took a seat near the bar where he could see the giant clearly.

The bartender was in distress over a missing shipment, and the brute of a giant was easy to discern over the yelps and shouts of the other patrons. He was going to help find the shipment and receive a reward in the process. Lazuris decided it would be in his best interest to follow the giant and his diminutive companion and reap the promised reward and steal the missing shipment in the process.

(DJ – Thorduck)

“I’ll…um…tag along. The name is Frug. My therapist says I need to step out of my c-c-comfort zone, so…yeah.” Thorduck looked around. He had heard the voice, but didn’t see the mouth. He hadn’t talked to his imaginary friend in ages, so it couldn’t have been him. Finally, he saw the miniature man below. “Aw…he’s so cute! I will call you Sir Cuddles! You can call me Thorduck.” After shaking hands, which was really Thorduck misjudging his strength and nearly crushing the Gnome’s tiny paws, Thorduck looked back at the bartender, “So Sir Cuddles and I here are going to find that stuff you lost. Where do we start?”

OOC: Sorry Jason, after I sent it I realized that I don’t think I sent it to you. My apologies.
This is going to be a hilarious story, make sure you save everything Billy I want to read this when we are finished.

(Billy – Frug)

“Well, um, Thorduck, I don’t know about Sir Cu- AAAAAAH!” The pain shoots through Frug’s hand as the behemoth of a being nearly crushes the bones. “I g-g-guess I can be Sir Cuddles…”

The bartender, sitting with a rather dumbfounded look on his face, snaps back to reality and addresses the situation. “The driver told me that he was attacked about 5 miles east of Buttermist near an old excavation site not far from the road.”

“That’s not t-terribly far. Let’s get going, Thorduck,” Frug suggests. He climbs up the goliath’s back and sits on a shoulder. “You crushed my hand, so you get to carry me.”



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