A Rag Tag Group of Crazy

Chapter 1: It should be simple, right?

(Feb. 9, 2012)

(DJ – Thorduck)

“ooo watch out Sir Cuddles, that tickles!” Thorduck laughed as Frug climbed upon the giant. “I like you already, this is going to be fun!”

With the gnome on his back, Thorduck walked toward the door, grabbed his battleaxe, and tried to open the door. Like the last door, this one appeared to have no handle. Up and down he searched, to no avail. “Uh…Sir Cuddles…I don’t get it, why do all the doors in Buttermist not have no doorhandles?”

(Billy – Frug)

“Um…Thorduck…the handle is on the right-hand side,” the gnome replies as he points with his finger."



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